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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a subscription service company based in Singapore that provides healthy meals straight to your doorstep in batches every week. Store them in your freezer, thaw overnight and just reheat when hunger calls! Just select the plan that fits your lifestyle best and let us settle the rest! 

Researchers at Cornell University estimate we make 226.7 decisions each day on food alone. Decision fatigue is a common problem for everyone. Here, we help to eliminate the stress of making complex decisions, enabling you to focus on other things that truly matter. Plus, we take pride in our meals curation and we wish to savor a more straightforward, enjoyable, wholesome living for all!

Our menu is ever-evolving, featuring a new array of dishes each week from Asian to Western cuisine. For main protein, we provide chicken breast and fishes such as tilapia, dory and salmon. We do not serve any red meat or seafood. As for carbs, we serve a range of pastas and rice. We serve more chicken meals than fish in a week as it provides bigger protein count. Rest assured you will enjoy dynamic flavours every week! 

We do not release the menu in advance however you can see some sneak peaks on our Telegram group chat. We love to embrace the element of surprise! 😉

Yes, the Protein Carb Fat count will be written on the label with the total calories. It’s important to keep in mind that the macro counts on our meals are general estimates. Slight variations may occur.

Our delivery days are fixed. For those who opted for 1 meal a day, delivery falls on Friday OR Sunday night. For 2 meals a day, delivery falls every Sunday and Tuesday.

We deliver between 7pm-10.30pm. Each delivery consist of 5 meal tubs. 

Self-pickup is only available for monthly subscribers.

For 1 meal a day, collect the meals every Friday. 
For 2 meals a day, collect every Friday and Tuesday. 
Every pickup consist of 5 tubs of meals.

Location: 680116
Time: 8pm to 12am

Please notify us via Instagram DM or Whatsapp us on your estimated arrival time on the day itself. Setting a fixed timing every week would be helpful for us. 

If your schedule is not aligned with our pickup days, please opt for delivery. We seek your understanding that we are unable to hold the meals due to our limited storage space. 

We can make minor adjustments to the portion, if your request is manageable for our production team. If you require a bigger portion that what we offer, or you’re on caloric surplus, kindly send us a message and we will quote you on a separate billing.

All our plans are tailored for weight loss. It is important to pick a plan that fits the lifestyle that you lead. Our busy bee plan has the lowest calories among all. However, if your job nature consist of active movements daily, the Busy Bee plan may not be enough to keep you energized during the day, which may lead to hunger pangs.

Every individual has different needs. Weight loss is most effective when the meal plan aligns with your body requirements and lifestyle. This way you can establish long-lasting healthy habits. 

Send us a message on Instagram or Whatsapp and we will amend your subscription dates accordingly. 

You can cancel at anytime before the next renewal date. 

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