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Are you a busy bee juggling work, meetings, and deadlines, leaving little time for a well-balanced meal? Trying to lose weight but no time to cook your own? Or you don’t even know where to begin? Fret not!

This is the ultimate solution to keep you buzzing with energy throughout your busy day. No more compromising on taste or nutrition during lunch breaks! Stay committed to your caloric deficit while elevating your meal experience with us.

This subscription plan consist of a small tub of 300kcal+ per meal on average. It would be suitable for you if:

  • You are on caloric deficit
  • You have minimal active movements daily
  • You are a veggie hater but you want to start somewhere
  • You don’t have access to healthy food nearby
  • You want balanced protein-carb meals

For better weight loss results, we would highly recommend to take up 2 meals a day for lunch & dinner. Please ensure that you drink lots of water and take your necessary supplements to ensure that your body still meet its nutritional needs while you’re on caloric deficit.

Meals are meant to cover Monday to Friday lunch or/and dinner however you can stretch out to weekends as you wish. We would highly advice to leave the weekends for cheat meals 😛

If you are opting for 1 meal a day, you will receive 5 meals in 1 delivery per week (every Friday or Sunday night). For 2 meals a day, you will receive 10 meals split into in 2 deliveries per week (every Sunday AND Tuesday night). Self-pickup is only available for monthly subscribers. Please refer to Help desk for more information.

Total meals per monthly cycle (4 weeks):
2 meals a day = 40 meals
1 meal a day = 20 meals

*Important: Do note that our kitchen, brimming with creativity and flavors, may not be the best fit for individuals with severe allergies.*


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